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New Construction Warranty Inspection




Most new homes do come with a 1 year warranty from the builder.  During the first year of ownership many homes develop problems associated with the original construction.   I usually recommend having a home inspection about 30 days before your one year warranty expires.  This will allow you enough time to make arraignments with the builder to have any issues corrected under the warranty.



  • There are many possible problems that you may not be aware of.  Often the severity of an inspection finding is not realized before costly repairs are needed.    



    • Although most builders do good quality work.  Imagine this scenario.  The framing is complete and passed inspection, the heating professional is installing the new furnace. He discovers that the duct work will not fit as planned.  He has to cut away critical parts of the floor structure to get his job done.  The framing has already been inspected and the mechanical inspection for the furnace is also good.  Even though both aspects passed inspection you may still run in to serious problems. This is just one example of many possibilities of issues that need to be addressed before your warranty expires.




    • The New Construction warranty inspection includes all of the same features as a full home inspection.   On average newer homes have fewer issues and do take less time to inspect. This allows me to do New Construction Warranty Inspections at a reduced rate.  






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